Is the 11.5 update timeframe this december?

I was wondering if the Cubase 11.5 update is coming this winter based on previous updates?

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Someone told me it wasn’t coming until the middle of next summer.

11.5 update to what? Cubase? Nuendo?

I’m pretty sure you know the routine by now …

Steinberg Cubase - Wikipedia .

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Awesome! This is what my memory had vision :slight_smile: TY!

My bad, Cubase 11 is what I should of clarified.

Great! Thank you mod

I figured you were referring to Cubase. But, specifics help folks to “stay on topic” :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nobody but Steinberg insiders would know for sure but, as Steve’s post shows, they have been on a fairly regular schedule for the past few years.

The thing I am most curious about is the transformation of the licensing system rumored for “later this year” and how it will all play out without completely blowing something up. I’ve already been hoarding popcorn. Must be prepared.