Is the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable suitable for working with an iPad?

I’m trying to connect a Yamaha MG10XU (included in the list of suitable Cubase LE equipment) and an ipad 8 using an Apple USB-C cable to Lightning.
Cubasis LE2 and Cubasis LE2 are installed . Neither one nor the other program responds in any way to the connection of the device. Permission for the microphone of both programs is given. Turned it on and off a dozen times in all sequences.
Is there an unambiguous answer whether the Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable supplied with the iPad is suitable for connection or a separate Camera kit adapter is needed?
The Yamaha MG10XU has a USB-B socket. A USB-B/USB-C adapter is inserted there (when connected via this adapter to a personal computer with a USB-C-USB cable, everything works). The attempt to connect the iPad with Cubasis is unsuccessful, the device is not detected, Cubasis offers only demo mode.

Hi Vasily, I believe you will need a CCK, better the Apple USB3 one as this also has a lightning connection for power and is faster than the previous USB2 version. I’ve seen plenty of mention that 3rd party alternatives are unreliable.

I understand “maybe better”, but I want to understand whether the Apple iPad is capable of working through an Apple-branded cable with a USB C connector or is it a special USB-C “apple edition” only for what is prescribed by this respected company.

Hi @vasiliy,

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Please refer to the manual that came with your Yamaha device, to learn how to connect the MG10XU with the iPad, or get in touch with Yamaha directly.

To learn more about Cubasis, pleased have a look at our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, where Dom Sigalas shows all steps to create a full blow track in near to no time:

Please note that the clip has been produced using Cubasis for iPad, which comes with additional features not available in the basic Cubasis LE version.

Please let me know if this helps to resolve the problem!

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