Is the C6 to C6.5 update safe to get now?

Is the C6 to C6.5 update safe to get now? I run Windows 7 64 bit… I’ve only heard of people having problems. Anybody out there update everything successfully?


Yeah, no problem.
win7, 64 bit.
Steady as a rock

So far so good here too.

seems fine here only a small quirk with automap and padshop but everything else is tops :wink:

And trouble with sending midi notes to VST’s here.

here it just works! :sunglasses:

You should probably wait, the 0´s and 1´s will get safer and safer with every day you wait.

I’d like to, but I’m REALLY itching to try the new version of VST Amp Rack. I haven’t heard much talk about it…
What do you guys think of it?


Just do it!

Things work fine over here, too. As to amp rack, I fired it up and it works fine. New features? Dunno about that, it operated like it always has. Remind us all, what is so different with amp rack in 6.5 vs. 6.05? New irs?

same here,I reinstalled automap and now it works again.