Is the Cubase Hub really that important?

I have recently tidied up my Project Files in Cubase Pro 10.5 and decided to stop using the HUB. I am finding things are much more clear to me when I am working with files in the “MS Explorer” type window. Other than information about recent updates is there any reason I should consider turning the HUB back on?


Personally, I don’t know any except for looking for tutorials and to every once-in-a-while check in on SB news. Even then, for me it’s easier and more certain to come here, or youtube, or to the SB website.

So I don’t use the hub at all. Sometimes I even hold down the ctrl key to get the minimalist open dialog :wink:
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Most important thing with the HUB is the feature that it can be disabled. Period.

I’ve had the HUB turned off forever and have never missed it.

Steve, didn’t know about the ctrl trick - will have to try that.

I finally turned off the hub. Cubase loads three times faster. The hub often contained links to offers from Steinberg that were WAY outdated. Useless and too gimmicky.

I have the hub turned off in my home computer (running windows 10), but the studio’s win 7 PC loads the hub regardless of whether it’s turned off or not! I’m guessing that’s a platform related issue and, as win 7 is unsupported, I’ll just live with it!

The hub isn’t adding to my user experience or program functionality.

Always been deactivated, here. A typical kind of feature seen outside Cubase users community as “bloat”, sadly.

I would have much preferred, through the years, fixes for the everlasting bugs in… (should I name it ?)… yes, you have guessed it right : the Generic Remote page. :mrgreen:

I like the HUB. Would be better without the internet bit. I use it for quick access to templates. No difference in boot times here.

The “internet bit” is the “HUB”. Disabling it certainly won’t limit your access to templates.

Any chance of you elaborating on this?. Where might I access templates as quickly as the HUB?. The “internet bit” I was referring to was the left side of the HUB, which is quite useless.

Thanks to all for your insights. So what S. Pickens is saying is that the only thing the HUB really adds is the left side “internet bit” because the right side is what is accessed from the top menu Project/New. I will probably still open the HUB once a week or so from the top menu to check for any news as Steve alluded to.


When you disable the HUB through your general preferences the HUB (left side) and the Project Assistant (right side) will not open automatically when you start Cubase. But a quick click on File>New Project opens the Project Assistant where you can access your templates.

FWIW… My Cubase loads and is ready to go in 5 seconds when the HUB is not in use. I never use it because (except for a few links to tutorials) the info presented is typically not timely.

Regards :sunglasses:

No hub here since it’s inception.

Great idea, Rhino. I did a search of all my drives. There is no hub.dll file. I’m running the most recent version of Cubase 10.5 Pro. Would it be called something else? I do have a Components folder but no hub.dll file. Thanks.

C:\program files\steinberg\cubase 10.5\components\hubservice.dll

Found it. Thanks, Steve!

its disabled here as well,just gets in the way for me !

My memory also has vintage charm! :confused: