Is the DigiDesign 003 rack compatiblle in cubase 12 pro?

basically looking to purchase an 8 channel audio interface and found this one for 100 cdn but I cant seem to find anywhere where it says its compatible with cubase 12? I know its a protools device, BUT…Im a cubase guy :wink: can anyone help me?
Thank you

The question is whether there’s an ASIO driver for that old interface, and I think there is not.

I would not spend money on it, because even if there were a driver, you will be stuck when an OS update breaks it.

In that price range you can get something more modern. Look for a used Steinberg UR44 for example. (though it’s not an 8-channel interface.

Ok sounds good. Ya I’m not going to get it Atm I have the ur44 but I can only do 6. I need minimum 8 channel. Alright I’ll keep searching. Thank you!

Hey… Use the Digidesign 8.0.4b driver, and then install Asio4all. When Cubase ask which audio driver to use, choose Asio4all.

The Digi 003 runs smoothly in Cubase 12 here!