Is the DigiDesign 003 rack compatiblle in cubase 12 pro?

basically looking to purchase an 8 channel audio interface and found this one for 100 cdn but I cant seem to find anywhere where it says its compatible with cubase 12? I know its a protools device, BUT…Im a cubase guy :wink: can anyone help me?
Thank you

The question is whether there’s an ASIO driver for that old interface, and I think there is not.

I would not spend money on it, because even if there were a driver, you will be stuck when an OS update breaks it.

In that price range you can get something more modern. Look for a used Steinberg UR44 for example. (though it’s not an 8-channel interface.

Ok sounds good. Ya I’m not going to get it Atm I have the ur44 but I can only do 6. I need minimum 8 channel. Alright I’ll keep searching. Thank you!