Is the elastique-pitch and Variaudio operationally connected?

Cubase Pro 12. My question is merely curiosity as it appears to be working correctly; but could it be better? I’m wondering if, when I have an audio track selected for pitch correction, before I open it in Variaudio, there is an option on the ‘info’ line for algorithm-elastique Pro-Pitch. It defaults to elastique Pro-time. Just wondering if it matters where this is set if I’m going to work on the file in Variaudio…are they operationally connected…or are they independent of each other.
Thanks in advance.

Varaudio uses the Standard algorithm, so none of the above. But the sound is really good, just give it a go.

Thanks Johnny, I have just started using it lately and this new version of Vari-audio is very nice. I’ve been using Melodyne Studio for years, but this is its equal in accuracy and very few artifacts. So I’ve been using it for single line pitch correction. It does a great job. Thanks for clearing this up; I wasn’t hearing anything; just curious. Thanks again for getting back to me so fast. Cheers.

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