Is the floating transport bar no longer available?

I ask because I don’t want to open the bottom transport panel just to access the bpm which doesn’t seem to be available at the top any more.
looked everywhere I can think of within Cubase to no avail…liking Cubase 10 though :slight_smile:

thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

Can still be toggled with F2. But I noticed there’s no metronome settings on there? Maybe it’s me but I can only find this on the lower transport panel?

What Nickledome said just hit F2 and there is your transport bar. Just right click it to add or delete what you want to see but I am afraid no metronome. If you do not want to have the lower transport bar showing then you can use C (Shift +C) to activate metronome. You can also set up your metronome by going into Transport at the top and hit Metronome Set Up. Once you have it set up to your liking just use C to activate it. Hope that helps.

I remember reading that metronome missing in the floating transport is a bug that will be fixed!

I’d definitely like to see the return of the metronome in the floating transport bar so that I can easily see when the click is on and also to allow me easy access to the metronome setup.


Very interesting! Greg Ondo’s 13/12/18 Club Cubase Google Hangout shows on his C10 the metronome button is there on his floating transport bar. I was unable to get it to appear after resetting or showing everything (on windows machine). Greg was on macos

cheers guys, been away from cubase for a while, came from 8.5 to 10 and was looking for the floating bar from 8.5 which is no more…new one is good though, it was appearing off one of my screens so it was difficult to find but managed to get the cursor on the edge of it and bring it in…liking 10 alot…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Yes it seems a Windows only issue. Activate External Sync missing in Windows only too. :imp:

Transport Bar:

Yes, there is still a floating transport bar and it still toggles via F2.

The Version 9.5 Transport Bar was superior to the Version 10. I’d like to see the double deck black floating transport bar restored. it had more information and more features than the new “ribbon” style Transport Bar.

The metronome button is there, but Metronome Options no longer open with Alt-Click. (I assigned a key commend for this, but the 9.5 method was superior. My guess is this was an oversight and I hope it is corrected in an update).

The non-resizable floating Transport Panel (F2) in Cubase 10.0.10 can be wider than 1920 pixels and under certain circumstance cannot be reset.Another thing that did not need “fixing”. I conclude that either (a) no beta-testing took place or (b) the beta-testers never used Cubase before.