Is the following feature available on Dorico 4 SE — "Melodic and rhythmic transformations"?

According to the “What’s New” page, the new feature Melodic and rhythmic transformations are available on Dorico 4 Pro, Elements, SE and iPad. However, I have installed Dorico 4 SE and don’t see the option on the menu bar for “Write > Transform…”. I’d love to understand which versions of Dorico this feature is available on.

I wonder the same thing for the feature - Chord Symbols From Selection
I would have used a trial to figure this out myself, but haven’t found a trial for the paid versions yet.

the trial is due approx 2 weeks after the release date – this has always been how Dorico works and I think it’s to stop everyone downloading at once and firing off with so many questions and/or problems that the poor team would be completely swamped! I’ll let the team comment on that and confirm whether it should be on SE.

That is an error in the web site information, I’m afraid: the melodic and rhythmic transpositions are not included in Dorico SE. They will be included in Dorico for iPad if you have the in-app purchase subscription, but not if you’re using the free version – however, the iPad version isn’t yet updated. That will come in the next couple of weeks, all being well.

Thanks @dspreadbury ! Please can you confirm if the following features exist on Dorico 4 Elements?

Melodic and rhythmic transformations
Chord Symbols From Selection

Actually, as things stand today, the Chord Symbols From Selection feature is only in Dorico 4 Pro, but that’s a mistake (thank you for prompting me to check!) and it should be in Elements – I will make sure that gets changed in the first maintannce update.

The melodic and rhythmic transformations are definitely already included in Dorico Elements 4.

Thanks so much for checking and fixing it up!