Is the licencing the same as Cubase swapping from Dongle to the new system?

I purchased the full version of WL11 when it was first released and i know you say it was moving to the new licencing system and with the latest update (which i haven’t install yet ) it says you have migrated , will my dongle get marked as 'non upgradeable 'like Cubase 11 or will it be totally removed from the dongle ? I have no other full versions of WL


I can imagine that concerning the license, the logic for WaveLab will be the same as for other Steinberg products (?).

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So i should be able to use the eliencer and load WL 10 still IF i update to the new licencing system ?

Yes, this should work (if this works also for Cubase)

Once again thanks for your time ,so just to make this clear ,even thou it’s WL11 it will stay on the dongle as WL11 (Non upgradeable ) if i install the update ?

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Have you checked here?

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Cheers , i know the rules with OLDER versions of programs but is WL11.0 classed as an OLDER program and gets marked on the dongle as 'non upgradable ’ that is what im trying to get to the bottom of

Frankly, this licensing topic is not my specialty, and don’t want to claim too much.
But the new version should come next week, hence you know soon.

Ok Thanks PG1