Is the List Editor in Cubase Elements 9.5?

Is the List Editor in Cubase Elements 9.5?

Hi and welcome,

No it isn’t.

that’s very disappointing… is it in Cubase Pro 9.5 only? or Cubase Artist 9.5 has it as well?
especially as per the “Cubase 9.5 Elements PDF Manual” page 128, it has Key Editor, Drum Editor, List Editor and Score Editor?
but when I choose MIDI tab, it gives you Key Editor, Drum Editor, and Score Editor! and there is no option for List Editor!


The List Editor is not in the tab even in the Pro version. This is in the dedicated window only.

The List Editor in the Cubase Artist I can check after the New Year, not earlier, sorry. I will get back.

Yeah, I remember reading it in the manual but it’s definately not there in Elements. The closest thing we have is the info line, one item at a time. Artist has the Event List.