Is the media bay database (somewhat) portable?

Today I started tagging my audio samples in the media bay, but then realized that by the time I’d be finished, I would probably be needing a new PC … which would make it a pretty pointless sisyphus labour.

So is the media bay database stored in a single file and can you copy it to a new PC such that, if it has the same directory layout, everyting would work again? The operation manual says nothing about it, so I am afraid not.

Something like NI Battery’s reconciliation mechanism, where you can point Cubase to a TOP directory, from where Cubase would then attempt to link media bay records to file system files would be ideal.

Again, if there is no such thing, I wonder why anybody would bother trying to set up the media bay as a “sound finder”. There must be more people with 10000-plus audio samples …

Yes, the database is stored in the mediabay3.db file.

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So, probably a not so enlightened question:

What is the location/address of the mediabay3.db file? I haven’t been able to find one on my system.

C:\Users{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64

Thanks much. I will point directly towards that in the morning!