Is the Motif XF VST-Editor, working in (8.0.30) ?


Is the Motif XF VST-Editor working in the latest version of Cubase Pro 8 (ver. 8.0.30) ?

Yamaha has indicated that the problem needs to be fixed via a Cubase Pro 8 Update, so did this latest update fix the problem ?

I hope it did, since I have a Motif XF7, and would like to use the Motif XF VST-Editor in Cubase Pro 8. (I’m on Windows 8.1)

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.



What kind of problem with the FX VST-Editor do you mean/have in older Cubase version, please?

Well, when Cubase Pro 8 was first released, Yamaha stated that the Motif XF editor was not working as a VST-Plugin, and that Steinberg needed to make it compatible via a Cubase Pro 8 update.

I got a reply from the Yamahasynth forum that it is compatible at this time.

Here is the link :

I will be following the setting up instructions, and testing it in the near future, and will post again here my results.

Hopefully all works fine.


Good Luck!

Thanks, I will need it :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: If it is anything like my moXF then a little luck and some sprinkles of patience are needed.

XS is not XF, but maybe close enough.

The MOTIF Rack XS stand alone editor, and editor as plug-in is working with Cubase 8.0.30 and Mac OS X 10.10.5.

The XS editor had issues with the initial release of C8 which were resolved with C8.0.1

Reliance on software editors for hardware does make me nervous at times.

Edited: Corrected 8.0.5 to 8.0.30

Yes, makes me nervous too, and sometimes, unhappy.

i.e. I have a Roland Integra 7 Module, which has a VST-Editor that works great in Cubase Pro 8, the VST Editor is only available in VST3 format, so it won’t work with my other DAW (Bitwig Studio). Since it currently does not support VST3.

My other options are using a Standalone Integra 7 Editor, or the iPad Editor, which does not offer deep level editing of parameters.


Funny you should mention the Integra 7. I’ve been looking into for a while now. Good to hear it works well with Cubase Pro 8. Mac drivers and editor seem to be be compatible with Yosemite (OSX 101.10).