Is the problem that I have a C7 to C8 update and not C7.5 to

Hi. Just got a Mac Mini in the studio, with the latest Yosemite OS. Due to (the known) problems installing my C7 on it, I bought an C7 to C8 pro upgrade the other day. The downloaded and installedC8pro fine, but when when I tried to activate the license no upgradable instances was available on my e-licenser. In the process I also ran the “maintainance” of the elicenser and suddenly my license was for C7.5 and not for C7 which is my initial version (also updated from C4 a while back).

1: Is the problem that I have a C7 to C8 update and not C7.5 to C8?

2: If number 1 is the the problem: Is it possible to rollback the elicenser license to C7.0? How?

3: If not; can I cancel the purchase of the C7 to C8 update and buy the C7.5 to C8 license?

4: If number 3 is the solution; will I be able to use the already downloaded C8 version with the new 7.5 to 8 license?

I also wonder: Is the purchase of an update (code and download) in any sense linked to a registered user/elicenser? I ask because I currently have two users here (and two elicensers, one for the studio and one for my home studio). Could the two accounts be merged together, but still use two elicensers with different licenses? I use a Cubaseversion for the studio and a Cubase Elements version for the homestudio).

Please answer ASAP!

if you indeed bought the upgrade from C7 to C8, then you are licensed for all cubase version from 8 downto everything below that number. The different cubase installs are on your harddrive completely independent. F.e. you can have v6 v7 v7.5 v8 and so on, on the same harddrive, and they all work. But you need to install every version on its own to have it one your harddrive. They are different programs. But you only have one license though.
If you say that on the dongle there is a v7.5 license, the cubase 8 license was not installed properly. If you bought v8, you should see a license for v8.
The only thing i can think of, when having multiple licenses on one dongle, is when you have installed trial licenses. They are limited in time, and they expire after one month.

The second question: yes. The license is downloaded to a single dongle, so if you have two dongles, each with it’s own license, one of them should be v8, and the other, which was not upgraded, should still be the same.

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Maybe you first activated your Cubase 7 during the Grace period for 7.5 and so your licence has been updated to 7.5.
You can check in your MySteinberg account what licences you have and when they were activated.

As to what you can do now: There’s no way to update a 7.5 licence with a 7 to 8 upgrade code. (You get the error no licence to upgrade)

You’ll have to contact Steinberg and ask them to check your current licences and if necessary to swap your update for the correct one.

Thanx. I have a feeling that I have “the wrong update” and need to swap it… Hope to get an answer from support soon!

If you bought the update from the online shop, they will likely refer you to Asknet support. You might save some time by directly contacting them.