Is the Sound Quality Different?


So updated to Hal 7. Shout out to Stenberg Support! They are very very good dudes.

Anyway, I notice that it sounds different to me than version 6. I would say “brighter” or more high end? Definitely better.

Am I just making this up? Anyone?

Amadeus e.d.p.


Well I will tell you what I have found! So, I program in Delta Meridian. Simply using lots of layers and DSP to form a single sound.

There is a difference in the audio engine. Not in regards to sound, but in its ability to sync all those layers on a keypress. Halion 6 was very loose in regards to being able to trigger 10+ layers at the same time.

I will also say that the new EQ is NICE! This is definitely different DSP than the stock Studio EQ. Much better sounding.

Modulation: Is very very cool! I don’t modulate usually, but I think I may start just because they made it so easy!

Surround Plugin: Still causes crashing galore on Mac M1! Like 20 crashes a day, and pray you were not saving a preset while that happens or that preset is toast. Burnt toast.

Tales/FM Lab: I’m not really interested in FM but I know that it put us on parity with the Montage so awesome! Tales, I need to work on this a bit. Could be interesting.

Overall: I am very happy with Version 7, but I think we all have different wants and desires and there is no way that an upgrade is gonna knock it out of the park for everybody. My personal desires were for better DSP (compressors and eq’s and distortions and such). Other things I’ll add the the features we want list!!

Amadeus e.d.p.