Is the switch with cubase from PC to mac easy

Guess I can sit back down then. :sunglasses:


very nice summation!

of course i will be the other one with issues :laughing:

I’m in the column where I too run Cubase 7 on both Mac and PC and I use my files back and forth between the two formats with no issues what so ever.

I’ll never forget seeing an in-house engineers’ jaw drop as I opened a PC cubase file on a Macbook…
‘Really? It’s that easy? Wow’
My response…
‘Sure, is it really that hard?’
This was nearly ten years ago on SX2, compatibility is even better now…

Of Course PC smacks Mac down every day… Except at 11:27 on Wednesdays and every second Saturday…

Really your friend must like that interface an awful lot. Because running Cubase on a mac is just like running a marathon with a heavy metal ball chained to your ankle. If you like to squeeze every ounce of performance from your machine, bootcamp it and run the Windows version. Try it and you’ll be amazed with the difference it makes.

BTW, I switched from mac to a custom-built PC exactly for that reason. Incidentally, so did Hans Zimmer.

Switching is easy, if all your plugs are supported on both. Went from self-built PCs to mac 2 years ago.

Here all I had to do was check inputs and outputs were set correctly on each project. Out of my many third party plugins, one needed manually substituting because the plug in id’s on the two versions were different.

I wouldn’t go back for a gold pig at the moment - though the day may come, I’m no fanboy. I just want a stable platform needing little maintenance, at the moment macs give me that. Not saying pc’s can’t but I don’t miss spending time on build/repair/troubleshooting and pC manufacturers aren’t offering what I want in a machine right now.

Easy? It wasn’t for me as a lifelong PC user. There were definitely compatibility issues. I struggled at first and began second guessing my decision. Also, I was getting frustrated by the more closed OS compared to Windows. I felt like OSX was too restrictive and that doing some basic things was a nightmare.

But I have been a Mac user for about five months now and I am very satisfied with my decision. I would not want to go back to PC at this point. The hardware is so solid, and the OS has really grown on me. I get on a PC now and it feels archaic almost.