Is the switch with cubase from PC to mac easy


I have a friend who wants to get into apogee converters like i have. however he is on an older PC and Cubase 5.

If he were to get a mac pro and apogee, can he just transfer all his old cubase 5 PC projects to the mac and be ok opening them in C7?



Plugs may be an issue.

Last thing I’d do is switch to Mac.

Last thing I’d do is to come back to PC…

Hi all

I really didnt want this to turn into a PC/MAC thing. He wants to go apogee symphony like i have and obviously that’s mac only, so that’s been decided

  1. i meant really are the cubase projects he recorded in C5 on a PC compatible on a mac? cubase projects are just cubase correct? so we can copy over his old folders to the MAC HD and point cubase to that folder and open them ok?

  2. Now he is also going to then upgrade to C7, are the C5 projects ( i think some C4 as well) ok to open in C7? i came right from 6.5 and all was fine

thanks all

The answer is yes. As long as all the plugins he was using on PC are available.

We have a Mac and Pc in our studio… hate to say it… but the files made in each computer are not very compatible…
You’ll loose a lot of time trying to put it together again

Then I stand corrected. What are the incompatibilities in short?


thats a huge bummer, what have you seen that doesnt work? or how did you have to rebuld them and could you?

he actuallys uses mostly UAD plugs and will transfer the UAD card, and alot of internal cubase plugs

thats about it, soft synths like RMX and omnisphere work on both so i think we are good there

I moved to Mac from PC a few years ago. I don’t have any problems at all with compatibility. All my plugs worked.

Thanks steve’

So all the Cubase projects you had made and saved on the pc, opened in cubase ok for you?


Aloha guys just to chime in on this.

My buddy and I have the same exact MAC rig only he runs
Cubase in ‘PC’ mode using ‘BootCamp’.
(and btw IMHO Cubase is a ‘zippyer’ app in that environment)

We even use the same n12 audio/MIDI mixing desk.

We have had zero probs exchanging Cubase files back and forth for about
4 years now. C5 or C6 or C6.5

To be honest we have not done C7—>C7 PC—>MAC or C7—>C7 MAC—>PC yet
because of scheduling probs but I’ll post back here with results when we do.

And yes all plugs (especially 3rd party) must be the same.

As a Mac user of course the Windows OS feels a lil
different but once I am in the Cubase programme itself,
I feel right at home on either platform.
Bring on BSD!


I use both mac and PC - and is transferring projects all the time…no problems!

No probs with Mac and PC project exchange between earlier versions of Cubase i.e. C5 to latest C7 thus far.

Thanks All

appreciate the help. we will probably start the process soon so this is great

3 Key points!

So far from what I’ve read, C7 has been performing better on PC’s for various reasons. (This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on Macs) Now being that Cubase is pretty much the same on both platforms I really wouldn’t understand shifting over to a Mac unless you are a Mac only person.

IMO, I’d go C7 PC… Can we talk to your friend? :laughing:

sorry he wants to get an apogee symphony setup so its mac for that

i am on mac and have been for years without any issue on all levels of Cubase

on C7 now with an apogee symphony setup on an OLD mac pro 2008 octo 2.8 and am recording fine at 64 and 128

we dont use alot of soft sythns etc, mostly audio so mac is fine

i personally would never go back to a PC, we also do video and love aperture and final cut so its all in one here. but i never peresonally care who works on what as long as they are happy

I have a somewhat reverse situation. My son uses ProTools on a mac and does tracking in various places putting together a collectin of songs for his clients. Often he’ll do the final mixing in my studio. He used to bring his Macbook and a drive and we were considering adding a mac to the studio, but I thought why not run PT on the PC? So I installed it and it runs fine. He brought a few projects for a client and they did some additional vocal tracking in the studio and everything worked just as it should. Apart from the minor keyboard anomalies the environment is the same on both platforms. The projects with all the audio files (in aif) were no problem copying onto the PC HD and opened with no problems on the PC.

thats great to hear on PT, i have PT 10 as well here and use it sometimes but had read as long as you follow AVID’s specs for either platform you should be good

its nice to know you can use both on these daw’s as not everyone has both

No problems, as long as you also have updated mac versions of your non-Steinberg plugins. Would advise saving your projects with the vstis frozen and bouncing your fx if you’re not sure