Is the UR-C powering an iPad Pro M1 with usb-c connection?

I use the UR22mark2 but I’m considering bying an UR22-C if this unit charges my iPad Pro ('21) with a usb c connection. Anyone any experience?

No the DC only powers the UR, it does not reach your device.

Thx for the answer! Not sure if a usb hub will connect the ipad and UR… There is an interesting one from Acasis, the 10 in 1 with a slot for memory…

You need to connect it directly, a USB hub will not work either …

It works fine for me!
I use a USB-C hub (Anker) and it also powers the UR-C and charges the i Pad at the same time.

Going to consider this! I’m using a USB hub from Sitecom, it doesn’t deliver power and is USB-A but when connected to the iPad pro with a small usb-c adapter it communicates with my UR22mk2 without any problem.