Is there a basic Cubase free version for owners of C 9.5 Pro?

As an owner of C 9.5 Pro, I just need a basic version (without the need of the dreaded dongle) for use out of the studio on my laptop.

If Steinberg would introduce a compact USB dongle that also could work.



The latest USB-eLicenser is already pretty compact, I would say.

Cubase LE and AI you can get with several audio devices for free. Cubase Elements is the cheapest Cubase version. All of these are based on Soft-elicenser.

Thanks Martin, I had not Googled it. I was also thinking (in my wildest dreams) that the size would be somewhat like the one in this picture.

I guess I’ll look into getting the new one. If you know of a place cheaper than $35, let me know.

Again, thanks.

Just grab a copy of Elements and you are good to go for mobile. No dongle there. $99

Also, here is the every falling apart dingus dongle

Other option is do what I do and use StudioOne or Reaper for mobile recording. Heck StudioOne has the Prime version which will track all you need. Unlimited audio and midi with it.

I could also get Steinberg UR12 Portable USB Interface, with Cubase AI.

A cheap bus powered interface and software. I don’t need very much to take to a gig if needed.

No dongle!

This is what I would go for myself.