Is there a channel for the internal audio metronome?

I dig the new metronome features in 9 and 9.5 a lot - but is there anyway access a channel strip for the audio metronome so that I can automate the volume levels etc? For instance, in Pro-Tools, the metronome track shows up like an instrument track. Or if I use midi and a VI in Cubase I can control the VI’s channel…is this doable with the audio click or do I have to open up a window to get any volume control access?

Thanks guys


No, there is no Metronome channel available. You can export the Click as Audio or MIDI in Cubase 9.5.

Thanks - that’s definitely a feature that would be useful to have in the future. That being said, is there any way to determine what output channel the metronome comes out on? I suppose you can export it to audio, and then do it again if you need to change it…still would be nice to not have to print it.


Yes, you can route the Click to any output bus. In Cubase 9 you can do this in the VST Connections window. In Cubase 9.5 you can do this in the Metronome Setup window.

In Cubase 9.5 you can render the Click as an Audio. Then this is a common Audio track and you can do all what you can do work other Audio tracks (routing, even effects…). If you need to, you can delete it and render another Click.

Just to ad in.

You can also asign a controller for the global metronome volume.
If you have a midi controller.
You can setup generic remote and asign the volume to a handy button or fader.

If you can asign the volume to a motor fader. You can automate the volume with a midi track. This will be global for all metronome outputs. But it is a option.

I have the “cowbell” asign to a midi fader in pick up mode, without motor. It is a realy handy control to have with in reach and I use it all the time.

FWIW, before the improved Metronome of 9.5 came along I used to have an instance of good old Groove Agent one on all my Templates for use as the Metronome instrument. Of course then you’d have the problem of losing it if you soloed etc…so I much prefer the new Metronome implementation (though I can still see it would be nice to be able to send it to any track/or a dedicated one).