Is there a chart or explanation of all the new playback templates in 5.1?

Super excited about this new update! Just one question as I went to switch a project over to Iconica Sketch and give that a whirl. I was surprised how many playback template options there are now—which is great!—but also a tad confusing. I tried googling and searching the Dorico 5 web manual but couldn’t find info on all the options listed here. Is there a chart anywhere which explains their differences or why I might choose one or the other? Apologies if this is listed somewhere obvious, I just couldn’t find it.

As for me I often write for small ensembles - chambers, quartets etc. - what might the best one be for that?

We have to ensure that all these various combinations are available because sometimes people won’t want to download them all (or won’t have a licence for them all in the case of Elements or SE). Typically, though, we imagine most people will want to use the “biggest” playback template available i.e. “Iconica Sketch, HSO, HALion Sonic Sel., Olympus, GASE”. If your projects don’t use a particular sound then there’s no cost to applying a template that includes them - it won’t load any extra sounds.

It’s worth noting, though, that Iconica Sketch doesn’t include any solo string sounds, so if you’re mostly doing small-ensemble work then for strings you’ll end up using the HSO sounds.


Ah ok, that answers my concern which was if loading the largest template would take up unnecessary CPU resources etc. Good to know.

I just tried it on a small string quartet piece and thought it sounded the same – so that also makes sense. I look forward to trying out Iconica Sketch on a larger ensemble work. Thank you!