Is there a controller for dspMixFx? UR-RT4

I like to play live online and improvise, and I would like to switch between amps and back to morph filter quickly. It takes eternity to grab the mouse and open the drop-down menu and find the preset again. I would like to have a sync controller for that or to be able to assign keys -midi or otherwise.

dspMixFX doesn’t have remote controls, but have you installed Cuabse AI, the daw that comes with that audio interface? You might find a way to this there, such as setting up tracks with the sounds you want, and switching through them using the the #midi-remote or the old Generic Remote.

I have Cubase Pro. I want to use direct monitoring and you can set a dsp preset only for one input in the mix consol. Plus I use Ableton Live for playing live. I thought about creating some sort of switch plugged in all inputs with my guitar plugged into the switch, but it’s an overcomplication

Is this sort of the thing that you could use by

I want to use the dsp based effects. It can be applied only in DspMixFx on single input or in Cubase in mix console on single input. It can’t be applied on a track. You can only apply the plugins on a track such as yamaha amps as inserts or sends. ANd it’s not the same thing. I don’t know if there are such hot keys in Cubase to open the dropdown menu in the mix console - I doubt it.

I see – so the solution you mentioned

Would make very good sense though, but know that there is a limit to how any channel strips of guitar sims you can have turned on at simultaneously.

I suppose you don’t want to use the duplicates of the hardware dsp FX inside Cubase because of the latency introduced in a situation where there’s already latency?

exactly. i don’t have a supercomputer, even when the buffer is down and there is no audible latency the affection in the fxs is audible. Some times I like to do video live streams and just run a playback and playing guitar over a track and not using Cubase. Sometimes even when I do multistreaming the resources on my computer are already ate up. so I want a simple solution. And I like dspMixFx. Also, would be better if the playback routing was through 3 and 4 channels and not 1 and 2. because I have to stream mono when I’m recording loops in Ableton.

Seems worth the work to me… a simple foot switch box could do the trick, though this use case is a bit unusual. Do you solder?

poorly :grinning:


Might be good enough to make a little box you can plug the guitar into and switch outputs. This would cover what you’re talking about, plus with the computer turned off, I think it should still work.

That is a good idea, I haven’t thought about it in the context of using it without computer. At least you can use two inputs for ths switcher having clean sound in one of them and drive sound in the other one.