Is there a crashlog?

I’m getting a lot of crashes these days (about 10 a day sometimes), but i’m certain it’s to do with a certain plugin acting up. I use many plugins so very hard to work out which one. Is there a crash log that can advise me?

The extra annoying thing is when it happens I need to restart my computer to get the project to load again, otherwise it just crashes as it tries to load.


Yes, all crashlogs are stored in the Documents/Steinberg/Crashlogs folder.

How to I read them? They are .dmp files.

Also, it doesn’t seem to have many. I’ve had 20 crashes in the last two days yet there is only 1 crash dump.

You need debugging software to open it and it may well mean nothing to you when you do open it.

I would bite the bullet and rename vstplugins folder then try to force crash and if you can’t then start adding them back in and re-opening until it does…you can do half at once, then half remaining etc. Once it crashes, you know the dodgy plug is one of that batch and you pull them back out and put less of them in.

The trouble is, it can take hours for the plugin to crash. I think i’ll just put up with it for the time being and hopefully by luck I stop using the one at fault.

It used to be very very rare i’d get a mid-session crash in Cubase. (Crash on exit yes, but not during a session) So glad it backs up!


When you next have a crash there is a drop down menu in the Crash Dialogue window that will tell you which application was at fault. A little downward facing arrow. I hope that helps?

Not for me. The only window I get is this: