Is there a customer support?!


I recently had some issues with Nuendo. I put in a request at MySteinberg, but I didn’t get a response (for almost a month now). When I saw my old tickets (from 2 years ago), I noticed I didn’t got a respond to those too.

Is this a common issue? I’m beginning to question if there even is a customer support.

Nuendo is not a cheap product, and as a loyal Steinberg user (Cubase, Wavelab) I expect some sort of customer support. We are all professionals, and sometimes we have (urgent) issues which need solving. With the forum we solve issues on our own, without the help of Steinberg - this is very useful. But when your issue is not on the forum, you are left in the dark.

I don’t expect customer support to respond within a day or 2. But, as a business, you can not leave your customers hanging for more than 5 (business) days.

Am I the only one who has this issue?