Is there a easy way to export hitpoint slices?

I’m not sure if this has been answered before, I couldn’t find it. Is there a easy way to export all slices of a audio files to a specific directory?

many thanks

Watched a producer masterclass last week, from the wideboys.

They’ve used Cubase for years, and they use ReCycle (propellerhead) to slice up from hitpoints, then load the slices into Kontakt

and this leads me to believe it isnt a function within Cubase, but I could be wrong.

If you want to trigger Slices from a keyboard in Cubase this is very easy. - load a groove agent one

select your slices and drop them onto a pad they’ll map and you can then play em slice by slice (there’s some tutorials to emulate MPC behavior on youtube)

Steinberg are missing a trick here though because they should either add more functionality to the excellent GA one to make it more of a ‘sampler’, or make it possible to Drag n drop your samples into Kontakt etc (3rd party), as the hitpoint functions in the sample editor are really powerful, but you can’t easily use these slices in non Cubase Plugins…shame

Personally I’d welcome Development of GA one, its the answer IMHO :wink:


But I don’t think it’s going to happen, since they want you to buy Halion.

As an aside, Recycle doesn’t work too well for anything but drums. If you try to chop a vocal you get lots of artifacts. But! It does permit the export of a midi file with the timing info for your divisions. You can set up the chop points in your file loaded into Recycle (you need to know the exact beats/ bars to get the tempo, or the tempo to get the bars and beats set up properly) … export the midi file, then simply chop the file in Cubase at the same intervals you used in Recycle, drag the samples to GA and trigger GA with the Recycle midi file.


I love GA one

Hope Steinberg put some filter options, or envelope functionality into it for C7

Its a great Plug in, it could be better so easily,

Halion is great too, but wheres the editing functions you expect from a £400 + sampler, come on !!


Ya, GA works I guess, and 3rd party support would be great. But I’d settle for a simple export routine, or even drag to desktop.


Here the solution (working with Cubase 7, but it should work with Cubase 6/6.5):

1- create your hitpoints and slices
2- in the sample editor click on “create regions from hitpoints”
3- close the sample editor and open the pool
4- locate the audio file you are working on and expand its view (click on +), you’ll see a list of the created regions
5- select one or more regions you want to export (use keyboard shift or ctrl keys for multiple selection)
6- use the function “bounce selection” in the audio menu
7- you’ll be asked to locate or create a folder, then click ok. you have now each single region (which identifies a single slice) as a single wav file

PS: Dear Steinberg, I called (by international phone call) your support center, asking to the guy there if there was a solution to this topic here longtime posted (export slices into single wave files). Your guy answered me “no, it is not possible yet!” - Therefore I’ve found the solution (here shared) by myself. The question is: why you Steinberg are paying such people if 75% of times I call they do not know nothing but just the easiest and basic things that the stones know as well? Moreover, it should be nice and useful if you (Steinberg) look at this forum sometime, helping who (we customers), is paying your products since 20+ years (just yesterday I updated to Cubase 7), and please employ some useful and ready people in your offices! Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks so much, I was wondering how to do this. Now I can use Cubase to make slices, this is a great efficient slicers.


Glad you find it useful. Cheers!

Thank you so much! This is so great!

Steinberg needs to hire people like you!

Thank you SO much. I use cubase 5 and have been trying to find another software or plugin to export slices but this made the job. You saved me a lot of time, I really appreciate you shared this.

In Cubase 9.5 you literally just have to click create events from hitpoints and then click Render in Place once, all from the same window. Cubase 5’s workflow is very clunky in comparison to more recent versions.