Is there a fast way to split a track in exactly the same points as a track above it was split?

The scenario I’m looking for is this:
I’m comping vocals. I have 6 lanes and did a lot of comping work based on those 6 lanes.

Some time later I decided to record a few more takes to fix some imperfections. The problem is that I need to manually select again where to cut in my new takes. Can’t I automatically split my new takes in exactly the same way as the original track was split so that I can make selecting comp parts easier?

That is something I actually encountered, too, and it would be great if such a functionality was available in Cubase!


You can Split at Cursor [ x ]. So you can iterate over the shady existing splits and split again. You could make a Macro for these steps.

Split at cursor is not good enough because it requires you to manually move cursor over very specific, non regular intervals and press X 30+ times. I also don’t see how this could possibly be done with a macro since the intervals at which you have to split are never regular and depend on other tracks, but I don’t know much about macros.

Can you elaborate?


You can jump over the Splits, for example by selecting the next event and jump to the selection start.


I still don’t get it because we are talking about new lanes in a single track. The newly recorded lanes don’t have any “sections” at all to jump over. They are 1 event. Do you mean to hide all lanes and start “re-splitting” the main track so that the splits get applied to the new single-event lanes too?


I was thinking you record a new takes/lanes to the already existing tracks to add more takes/lanes to the existing ones.

To speed up setting the cursor position to the end of a segment

  • select the first segment on the first lane
  • press p
  • press 2

Then you can use split at cursor.

There is a way that is not fully automatic but should save you plenty of time nevertheless. It is based on Martin’s suggestion to move to events and then split there. I use the Range tool in order not to cut any events on other tracks.

I made the following macro and assigned it to a key command:

Here is my initial multi-lane recording, comped:

The track at the bottom is just there to demonstrate that the splits do not occur outside of the lanes.
In the next step I recorded additional lanes:


  • select “Basic Vox” (on the picture I selected all lanes as well but that is not necessary)
  • switch to the Range tool
  • create a small initial range on track “Basic Vox”, its left border = left border of your recordings
  • apply the macro (as many times as you have cuts)

This method reads cumbersome but if you apply it in reality it is quiet fast and accurate. Don’t forget to turn off Grid before you use the macro.


@Johnny_Moneto Worked like a charm, thanks for the detailed explanation. Sure might not be fully automated but it is 99% there. I just hold the hotkey down for a couple of seconds and it does all the cuts fine.

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