Is there a fullscreen option?

Is fullscreen finally implemented or Cubase devteam is still resisting for whatever strange reason? Thanks.

There’s none that I know of.

I used to have my own AutoHotkey script to full screen any application including Cubase, but I stopped bothering with that once I had a higher resolution screen.

Thanks for reply. I guess you are saying there is STILL no such option in Cubase Pro 9. Pretty disappointing. Like I said before I can’t understand why this would be so hard to implement? For me this is important because it helps me to concentrate better on my workflow. Some people I’m sure would find this strange, yeah, I know )) However, it is what it is for me.

You can’t really expect the program to include any odd feature you can think off, especially if you think it wouldn’t be of much use to others.

If you’re on Windows, all I can recommend is to make your task bar auto-hide so Cubase is essentially full screen.

Agreed and because of this I’ll stick with Ableton :wink: I use Mac though.

And that’s why I’ll stick with Windows. ;p

⌥ ⌘ D will hide the Mac OSX Dock.
It does reappear when hovering at the bottom of the screen, then disappears when mousing away from the bottom.

I use this all the time with the Cubase window maximized.

Then there isn’t really a problem here, is there…?

You are absolutely correct.


With all due respect I would disagree. Hiding Mac OSX dock is definitely making Cubase interface more appealing but… there is always a potential destruction such as email, notifications, etc… Besides, I really enjoy looking at the fullscreen for my DAW.
Anyway, this is kind of endless conversation and of course I can deal with the way Cubase works but having experience with some other DAWs where fullscreen is a very common thing I was hoping ver.9 would finally include it too. Oh, well…

I mean, I get that. That’s why for I wrote that script to full screen any application. I’d share it if you were on Windows too.

Dorico has a pretty awesome full screen option!

In Windows and with a 3 monitor setup, it would be nice for the app to cover all monitors, I don’t mind the task bar, but would like not to see the windows desktop when working with Cubase.