Is there a function to copy an audio file that comes from another pool to the current project Audio pool?

I meet this regularly but now only have a moment to ask here.

I’ve brought an audio file into a sampler track and am using it in a project. Dangerously it comes from another song from another prooject on my hard drive. I want to consolidate any external files that they only reference local locations inside my current proiject folder’s audio pool. External references get you into trouble later!!

I’ve never noticed a ‘Copy selectred to Audio Pool’. Is there such a function? If not, whats a good workaround?



In the pool do a rightclick and choose ‘Prepare Archive’. All files from elsewhere get copied into the pool/project audio folder.

Or: if you drag a sample to a project, drag it onto a track first and bounce it.

Or: go to preferences (Editing > Audio > “On Import Audio Files” and change how Cubase handles importing.

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‘Prepare Archive’… thats exactly what I was missing all this time. Thankyou. The other bounce workaround is what I’ve been using when this occurs over the years but using the Sample track I was missing a trick. Thankyou. Every day’s a schoolday!

‘Prepare Archive’ isn’t the most obvious function name!