Is there a German list of Tempo terms (such as Langsam, Sehr Ruhig etc.) or just the Italian ones?

I am transcribing a score by aGerman composer and can’t find a way to have the Tempo terms selectable in German.

It’s not a big deal to put them in as text, but just wondered if I’m missing something - couldn’t find it in the manual

You’re not missing anything, there’s a set of tempo mark “presets” in the panel but you can type anything into the tempo popover, including in other languages. Once you’ve entered one, it’ll appear in the panel in the “Used in this flow” section for easy re-use from the panel.

Thank you!

What I often do is to select a Tempoindication that Dorico offers and then go to the properties panel and change the text. This way, the MM is already roughly in the ballpark.
So for “Langsam” I would choose “Andante” and then only change the text in the properties in the bottom panel.

not sure if this link is appropriate but this iOS app is very helpful

Or, you may prefer these: Mahler's Markings | Neil Kurtzman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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