Is there a [HSO] =upgrade=> [Iconica] Option?

Just wondering if there is an upgrade option (there have been times that I have not received email upgrade promotion/campaigns mail outs…) so thought I’d ask …

No, they’re different products aimed at different kinds of users.

Thanks, … it’s interesting … "the business philosophy …, I will not pretend to understand it, other than it seems to be financially driven and not considerate to long time steinberg licensees.

… I would not be surprised if it gets pushed in the “Legacy products” category very soon … especially if/when the “Essentials bundles” become available…

I bought the old HSO, i have the new HSO - so where is the upgrade path?

Maybe the current HSO-“Mini”-Version. But the old Halion Symphonic Orchstra was at a pricepoint of nearly half the cost of Iconica. Any upgrade-path for long-time users?

I would really appreciate such an update option. And the same goes for Dorico. They might give us a upgrade/crossgrade/discount for those of us that own the Halion OSL already (even something like -€ 50) would be appreciated!