Is there a Humanize Option after MIDI Quantization?

Hello, I am looking if there is any option to humanize MIDI notes, for example, piano notes after they are quantized to the grid?

This would make the playing more real as opposed to machine playing style.

The closest option you have for that would be the iterative quantize (IQ) feature. You can set the IQ in terms of percentages with 0 being fully precise timing to 100 which would be virtually no quantization. You can experiment with percentages within that range to determine which works best for you.

The IQ feature is actually better (IMHO) than any canned “humanize” approach because it allow you to determine what “humanize” feels like to you as opposed to a one button click approach relying on the underlying engine to make that determination for you.

You can do it with a Logical preset, and assign it to a key command !

In the upper box of the editor you can add:
Property / Property is set / event is selected (this ensures it will apply to only the notes selected)

In the lower box you add:
Position / Set relative random value between / -5 / 5 (you can play with this numbers)

Also you can add;
Value 2 / Set relative random value between / -5 / 5 (this will humanize velocity too)

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You can do it in the Inspector - even easier!

Select the MIDI Modifiers tab. In the random column you can choose position, pitch, velocity and length.

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Thank you. Sounds great. But isn’t it a pre-recording feature? If yes, then I was looking for a post recording (which is quantized) feature.

In either case, thank you for your insights.

I was always afraid to try the logical editor. But I will try this time. Thank you.

Thank you. I will try it.

Yep this is fast and easy!

This was brilliant, thank you!

Just to make it complete:

Use the “Rough” parameter in the Quantize Panel:

It used to be called “Randomize” before.

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