Is there a Key command/cc that will open a specific insert on the master track at all times?

What I’d like To be able to do is have a key command that will open a specific insert on my master bus let’s say supervision.
Meaning wherever I am in my project I can just hit the shortcut and it will open supervision from my master track.

Another reason I need it is because I’m using metric AB on my master bus and although I have a shortcut to switch from a to B while the plug-in is visible the shortcut won’t work if I’m on a different track so I need a shortcut that will open metric AB no matter where I am on the project window so I can quickly switch between A and b.


It might or might not work for you, but you could add a Workspace with the plugin open, and assign it to the desired keystroke.

I’ll try that thanks!

While I realize that it will be gone eventually, this is something you can do with Generic Remote if you can spare a midi cc/note button (or fader for that matter because as long as you can send value 127 it will work).

In Generic Remote, use the following settings in the bottom field after you’ve assigned the MIDI input in the top field:
Device>VST Mixer
Channel/Category > Stereo Out
Value/Action> Ins/Edit (you will see metric AB there as long as it’s instantiated on the selected track)
Flags> T (toggle)

There are Keyboard to MIDI solutions outside of Cubase if you absolutely need that functionality. But that’s a whole other thread.

Hope that helps.

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I have the ab open on a specific workspace so it opens on a press of a key but if the master channel is not selected then the switch between a-b macro I made on my stream deck does not work.

What I really need is a way to select the stereo out channel with a press of a button no matter where I am on the project , any suggestions?

not home to verify, but if i recall correctly, if you change value/action to “selected” it will select “stereo out”. if the channel settings is already open that should cause it to change to stereo out as well.

can the streamdeck send midi?

Yes it can

then changing value/action to “selected” to my steps above will select the stereo out and if the channel settings edit is open, it should change accordingly.

if it doesn’t, there may be something in the preferences to sync the opened channel settings to the selected channel.

but I can confirm it works because it is working as I described on my end.