Is there a key command to select the next Arranger Chain?

The issue I am having is this…

For live use I have split up my track with the arranger…

I want it to stop after the 3rd song of 6, therefore when I realised that the Marker function wasn’t my friend in this particular instance I came to the conclusion that a second chain would do what I require.

So I have tracks 1 to 3 on chain 1, and 4 to 6 on chain 2.

What I want is a key command to select the next Arrange Chain (not the next even in the chain but the actual chain itself).

meaning song 3 would finish, my vocalist can talk rubbish for a non specific amount of time, in the interim I would engage said key command ready to hit space bar when he has finished, spouting/venting/chatting/whatever.

Thanks in advance all.


Yes (but you’ll have to assign a key to it :wink: )…
Key Commands>Arranger>Next Chain Step

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

That is almost what I want, but command skips to the next step in the chain, I want it to skip to the start of the next chain if I’m making sense.

Basically so I can have 2 halves of a set with a break in the middle.

Thanks again

What is preventing you from having all your songs in the same chain, but using the “Pause after Repeats” option at the end of each song (so that the next item in the chain, after stopping, will be the start of the next song)?