Is there a limit in side chain in the cubase 12 compressor

Hi I use the side chain feature on the cubase 12 compressor and on all my pad tracks, I selected the kick drum on the list as trigger. But after a specific amount of tracks with the side chain selected, the kick drum track is gone from the list, I tried adding a new kick drum track to see, if the problem still occurred, and it did. After a specific amount of tracks using the kick drum as trigger, the kick drum track is gone on the list. Is there a limit, and if yes, why?

As far as I know, there is no limit. But the audio engine prevents the side chain from loop routing, maybe you run into this?

How do I run into loop routing? I did exactly the same every time. No problems but suddenly the kick is gone on the side Chan list.

Do you mean, if I’m trying to side chain the kick to the kick? I didn’t do that.

Side-Chaining uses Sends to work, so a single track can only be used as a side-chain source up to 8 times. You can get around this limit by Sending your kick to a dummy FX track with no effects, then using that FX track as a side-chain source.

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What is that specific amount?
I wonder if this has anything to do with it. From the user manual:

I would check to see if you hit a wall at the same number of side-chains no matter what plug-ins used and audio buffer settings.
The “additional latency” part above isn’t very clear. I’m hoping a dev will chime in and shed some light on it.

Thank you, that must be it. Iwill try that….