Is there a limit on Rack Instruments?

Is there a limit on VST Rack Instruments (not Instrument Tracks) ? Im at 75 and it won’t let me add anymore ? I remember before the VST Instruments redesign of 7.5 i could only reach 66 so thought this had been sorted ? Not good at all for Large Orchestral templates. I still need to add a horns section :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

Anyone know?

There´s a limit on rack slots

Ridiculous, the only limit should be your computers memory. This has totally f@cked up my template

Looks like 64 instruments rack is the limit for 7.5:

so the puzzle now is how could the OP be on 77 slots when the are only 64 available 64 x 16 should be enough for anyone

That means you have the potential of adding 1024 instruments, the limit is way more than anyone could realistically use.

and also your unlimited instrument tracks so i think the OP is having a laugh

How many MIDI channels are you using in a single instrument rack? Only one? :astonished:

My slave PC has more RAM than yours. I use VE Pro 5, and my biggest template ever used about 55GB of RAM, but although I had loaded almost every articulation of every orchestral instrument section, not to mention some other stuff, I guess I used less than 20 MIDI ports–not all of them used the maximum if 16 channels. So the total number of MIDI channels amounted to less than 300, which in turn, is less than the number of musicians in the most gigantic philharmonic orchestras.

So unless you are giving a rack instrument to every single musician in you orchestral template with only a single MIDI channel :open_mouth: , I think that by optimizing the way you set up your template, that you will be just fine with way less than 64 VSTi instances.

Amazing how different people work differently! :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Im using 16 Outs per Instance of Kontakt.

The reason my template is so big is because i preload and map out multiple libraries and then purge them for quick access if and when needed, This template currently hits the 40gb RAM area and . It currently has a 1000 tracks :smiley:

For planning sake (and because you can’t rearrange rack instruments) i preloaded an instance on every rack slot.

When planning (as an example) i would dedicate the first 10 instance slots to drums, 5 for vocals/choirs, 25 for strings, next ten for winds, next 14 for horns etc. Then i would have the odd instance dedicated to other things like Pianos/Guitars etc. I kind of followed that method but misjudged the amount of wind patches i would need so now im going to run out of space for the horns.

I really shouldnt be needing to comprimise. It can’t be hard just to make the rack unlimited.

Ps - Just realised it is indeed 64 limit, but it says 74 because it counts the Instrument tracks im using (for any sytnhs) aswell.

You totally need VEPro. In one instance, you can host up to 16 instance s of a VI (ie; Kontakt), with 16 instruments loaded in each (and each instance can have its own audio output BTW). This would only use one rack slot. So in essence, that would be 19,200 instruments if you used all 75 rack slots LOL!

LOL PPFFTT that’s not even enough to make a 2 minute soundscape :wink:

LOL. 19000 ? Thats still not enough :smiley: That does sound good, so you don’t need to actually use VSL instruments to use it? I just assumed it was designed specifically for VSL intruments. I hear MIR is the best, except i can’t afford it :frowning:

Still lokking at VEPro abit more, its that case of mixing stuff within a mixer and then sending it out to a mixer, all rather unnecessary and a work flow killer for me personally. There should be no boundaries about how much can be mixed directly inside Cubase, without the need to use 3rd party software (apart from Kontakt).

I don’t use any Vienna instruments, just VEPro. It manages all of my VI’s on a slave PC. It is an amazing tool for any composer these days.


And you don’t need an outboard mixer to use VE Pro if that’s what you meant. You can download a trial version which works like a full version for one month. You can assign unlimited outputs from VE Pro into Cubase, save both as templates and never worry about a thing. It’s a one time job. Cubase will also run more smoothly since there are no VSTi pressures on it. You really need to read more about VE Pro. I suggest you download the manual, or watch the demo and instructional movies as well.

Yes, MIR is the best. Note that there is a lighter version called MIR 24 which is much more affordable, and you can later upgrade it to MIR PRO. Think of MIR 24 as 24 different reverb sends. Still a lot for most projects. There is a fully functional trial version for that as well.
And start saving money, as your life will change for ever after trying them. :wink:

I don’t mean an outboard mixer, just the seperate mixer within VEPRO, then you are routing to Cubase’s own mixer. Just sounds abit tedious, and i would only feel comfortable working from within the Cubase mixer. You are tempting me to try it, especially with the smoother running bit, but i do hope Steiny sort this VST Instrument restriction out.

It works like any other VST instrument. I have mine all bussed to their own audio outs, so they have their own strip in the mxer. It DOES have a learning curve, but you’ll wonder how you went without it for so long. Just try the demo and decide for yourself.