Is there a limit to how large a MIDI Remote script can be?

Is there a limit to how large a MIDI Remote script can be?
For example, are more than 10,000 lines of code a problem?
What else could the size of a MIDI Remote script depend on?


I’m not aware of any limit.

More Faderport features?

of course :innocent:

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I didn’t find a limit (yet) concerning the file size or number of files.

But, i managed to overflow the MIDI protocol by trying to use about 50 controls plus various callbacks per track (8 tracks per port).
When banking, i would take a few seconds to update everything. So i’m currently trying to implement a mechanic that would send only priority infos and then wait for the right moment to update the remaining parameters.

I’m not sure that i will succed though…



You are right, the MIDI protocol speed might be the bottleneck.

I would suggest that you open a new thread for this, it’s very interesting and can be successfully approached.


It’s more about the integrity. It all comes down to the pressure the compiler receives and if it reaches a timeOut. In some scripts here, around 1mb, no problem appeared.

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I will certainly do once i get some progress on this but i’m also having some bandwidth overflow these days. :grin:

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I do this so that everything runs as quickly as possible:
When programming, I make sure that in all callback functions the relevant code is only executed when it is really necessary.

I also avoid any redundancy when sending MIDI commands. For example, I have built a VU Meter that transforms fader values into 10 different colors and sends them to a controller, that has only simple LEDs. The script is programmed in such a way that buffering is performed and the MIDI commands for the colors are only sent when the color has actually changed.

Ergo: You have to write a real program that goes far beyond what a script is. JavaScript provides this option.

My controller only has one fader, one rotate knob and 24 buttons and I have now reached 8235 lines of code.

Here a report from my actual experience: :innocent:

My current script update, which I have not yet published,
now has 11.868 lines of code and is 1.132 KBytes in size.

I have no problems with the size.

I also don’t have the impression that anything has slowed down.

Only the loading of the script takes a little longer, of course.
A reload within Cubase takes about 4 seconds on my laptop (not a high-end device).

This is pretty fast actually. Here it takes more than 8 seconds to reload. Note that upon reload all scripts are actually reloaded not just the one in use.

Is there a way to completely remove the factory scripts that are of no interest? Removing the files doesn’t seem to work as they get recreated upon launch.


Well, we can always remove them from the factory folder:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 13\midiremote_factory_scripts\Public

Not sure if this could bring up any implications, but I don’t think so.

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Thanks, that was it.
Didn’t even realize that folder existed.

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