Is there a list of Audio Interfaces tested with Cubase 10?

Some DAWs post a list of audio hardware interfaces that have proven compatible with their product. The only one I can find merely lists all the Steinberg or Yamaha interfaces. Does anyone have a link to a complete list? I’m particularly interested in Cubase 10 Pro running on Windows 10 with Focusrite Clarett 4Pre. Thanks.

There’s this from Focusrite. Do you have the interface on hand?
Install your Focusrite drivers and see if C10 recognizes your ins and outs.

Anything with an ASIO driver is compatible,
How well it will perform is another story, RME is still your best bet.

I can’t imagine a DAW maker these days taking the time to qualify audio interfaces. The Clarett is an extremely popular interface though, so I think you’d have better luck trying to find a Cubase user here who uses one, rather than hoping to get confirmation from Steinberg that it works.

I used pretty much every brand of audio interfaces on windows,
the only ones I found issues with were Focusrite scarlet, generation 1 thru 3,
They always introduced crackling into recorded audio.
And it’s not cubase’s fault.
I tried also on Mac in logic x, same thing happened

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Crazy, as i’ve always had good luck with the Saffires. perhaps your firewire card was playing up?

The USB Scarletts however, i think they’re pretty sketchy to be honest - they’re only interfaces i’ve experienced crackling and weird interference with - even the similar (And cheaper) Behringer equivalents are better IMO.

Oh man sorry, I meant Focusrite Scarlett not Saffire.

(Even thou I owned saffire back in the days, that one was a good interface)