Is there a list of Nuage equipped commercial studios somewhere?

How many professional/commercial studios are equipped with Nuage consoles? Or even broadcast/theatre installs?

I’d appreciate some links, or known users (apart from what is showcased on Steinberg site)

How many Nuage systems have been sold?

Also, would it be economical to combine a smaller Nuage system into a medium or large format analog console such as the Neve Genesys and use them both?

I don’t know why there should be a list of studios using Nuage… I know one studio in Austria


Because most console manufactures do - it’s a major marketing strategy and selling point to display studios successfully operating a business with a console of such investment.

There was a list (with names & pictures) of Nuage Studios some time ago on the Steinberg website, but I see that they have removed it.
I know there are at least 5 systems in Belgium.
These are ours:

More than half a dozen in Holland of which a few are installed at SMP studios.

Here’s the one from John @ Dog & Pony Las Vegas

And many others to be found on Youtube.



Don’t worry, you won’t feel alone with a Nuage system.


Do you know of any instances of Nuage system being embedded with/alongside an analog console into a custom desk.

Also is it possible to only use the master section?

Yes you can choose to only use the master unit.

No, haven’t seen that.
Have seen this working with consoles/controllers with “fixed” tracks (i.e - each fader is a channel and is locked to that channel)
Seems extremely complicated to me with Nuage, since one of the big strengths is that tracks/channels are not locked to faders.
The visibility presets are one of the things that makes Nuage so great.

But -depending on your needs and maybe specific septup- it should be do-able.


I just built a studio for a client (I do that sometimes for people I like) and used an API 2448 and a large Pro Tools HDX rig with both Burl B80 and HD IO (flavors).

Go to and look through the photos for the larger consoles. You’ll see viersions with what they call a “DAW Bucket”. It might give you some ideas

I started working on large format Neve, API, Trident, etc in the late 70s. (I was very, very young!!! :wink: So I’m comfortable with both analog consoles and future tech DAWs. Integrating both those worlds together definitely poses challenges to achieve good ergonomics and flexible speed. But especially for music production, the results can be worth the effort, sonically.

I would be interested to follow along with how you proceed. Just bringing this studio online over the next 2 or 3 weeks and hoping my decisions bear good fruit over time.

Surprisingly, you might want to at least think about how a Slate Raven might benefit that scenario in addition to whatever else you do. For the nominal amount it costs it can add a good deal of immediate functionality to complement an analog console. On the right extensible arm it can speed up a tracking situation for sure. And of course, one tap on the screen and the Raven completely disappears giving your a 27 inch monitor. Another tap and you’re back in Raven land. It’s cooler than I thought it would be, as I was pretty skeptical.

This is a 5 year plan.

But interested by the thought of a Neve Genesys Black (total mechanical recall for analog EQ and compressors, etc) with Nuage master and - maybe - one fader section all integrated into a custom frame.

It might be overkill though, and or, might be counter productive seeing as the Genesys doubles as a DAW fader controller, that might be get confusing… It could also be super fvckn cool. I need to spend time with both systems at different studios which is the plan for now.