Is there a list of old and new features somewhere?

Running the risk of getting an obvious answer I ask anyway. :blush:
Is there some kind of list online (webpage or PDF or whatever) with all the updates from say SX1.
And now I just mean the “new features” that get mentioned in advertising material because it’s a real thing.
Not a complete list of bug fixes or anything like that.
I just want an overview of stuff that I maybe ought to know so I don’t miss some tool.

haha look what I found when I wasn’t really trying!!! :sunglasses: :laughing:
I forgot when the old fxp/fxp files where dropped from Cubase so I googled and eventually found this:

Halfway there, kind of …

*** it also shows me why I feel such pain from C4 because, apart from being easily the most unstable versions ever, it’s the total anti version with more stuff dropped than added??? :astonished: :confused: :imp:

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, HowlingUlf.

I vividly remember the big dust up about dropping support for Direct X plugins in Cubase 4. It almost got to the point where it looked like the users were going to storm Steinberg headquarters and burn it to the ground in their anger…but it all eventually settled down, people accepted it and moved on to where we are today.


haha yeah.
I just remember someone with a great user name! I’m not sure if it was in some older Steinberg forum or if it was somewhere else there was this dude with the username “AngryTorchWavingMob” ! :laughing: