Is there a Logical Editor/MIDI Logical Editor thread or list?

I just got Metagrid and am really digging into the Logical Editor and MIDI Logical Editor of Cubase, and wanted to know if there are any threads or lists in these parts or elsewhere that detail commands in them? My mind doesn’t always work in the best way to come up with ideas that these powerful tools could do, and I need a little help. :smiley:

The Search function on these forums is your friend.

I’ve used Search for the score editor to yield a large number of rich threads.


I was hoping for a cheat, but you’re totally right. :slight_smile:

Others here have at times, consolidated the “best tips and tricks” into one thread. It would be great if the mods could set up an area of stickies by topic that members could add to as they search for information and find something of value in on old thread. The score editor is one area of importance to me, as well as the Logical Editor, and audio time and pitch manipulation.

Here’s a link from the SB youtube channel:

Older but probably still useful SOS articles:[0]=im_field_section%3A6971&f[1]=im_field_subject%3A7059