Is there a macro or a key command to do this:

Does anyone know if there’s a macro I can make or a key command to do the following. I come from and still use Pro Tools sometimes and there’s a great feature where you can split an event and automatically delete what’s after the split, all with one keystroke. And another where it deletes what’s before the split (again with one keystroke). Right now Cubase will highlight the portion after the split, but it would speed up my editing greatly to be able to have these two Pro Tools features. Thanks for any help!

I don’t think there’s a function but you could write a macro for this. Firstly, there’s a shortcut for Split at Cursor (mine is Alt-X). Then for the macro you could follow this by Delete which would delete the following part. Then to delete the left part instead you could have a macro which splits then cursor left, then delete. Then assign this macro to a key of your choice.


Excellent - thanks so much, Mike! I haven’t delved too deeply into macros and am going to start making more.

OK, one more question.

How would I make a macro so that it deletes to the left or right when I’m using the RANGE tool? Splitting at the cursor is much more work for me than splitting independently with the range tool. Using the range tool to split doesn’t highlight the event, nor does it highlight the right side when you use Split At Event. Any ideas?

Hmmm, perhaps ‘select events in range’ would help?? Anyone else?


If you make it work with a macro, it will involve switching to the select tool, thereby defeating the purpose, unless you don’t mind if the playback cursor ends up at a new spot.

Something like (off the top of my head, might not be actual command names.)

Click with the range tool at the location you want to split


locate selection start
split at cursor
select event under cursor
range tool

Thanks for your help Steve. I guess there’s no way to do this in Cubase. It’s really a huge workflow enhancer and time-saver for rapid editing, so I hope that either Nuendo catches up with Cubase so I can upgrade to Nuendo and pay (a LOT!) for this and a few other important features to me, or that Cubase gets these functions. I feel that editing functions like this should be standard in Cubase Pro. Hopefully it’ll happen in C9.

yes more editing features as you said would be welcome, or I’d love to see a smart editing tool like PT
Macros in CBP are a powerful feature once you start to use them,I find myself making more and more…