Is there a method for laying out a series of recorded audio events?

I recorded a kind of extended jam, and I ended up with a stack of several hundred 12-bar events. I would like to lay them out sequentially on a single track, to play the whole session linearly. I started out cutting one event off the top of the pile and placing it on the track (several thousand bars ahead). It got really tedious very quickly, and I’m thinking there must be a built-in solution to this situation. I don’t know where to look, and I don’t even have a name for this action. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Not quite sure exactly what you are describing. But if you mean you were jamming over a 12-bar loop and in the process created a bunch of takes on different Lanes then it is pretty simple. On the first (top) Lane grab the Audio Event by the lower right corner and drag it to the right and it will start to show the contents of the next Lane. Keep dragging to the right to reveal successive Lanes.

There’s a pic here

Yeah, that’s exactly what it was.

So it worked… but it seems like you don’t have to grab the corner of the first take; it looks like each 12-bar “take” is in fact the entire recording. I, taking the instruction literally, had to move each take individually, to eventually get to the bottom of the stack, since the most recent take was on top, and Take 1 was on the bottom. Soon after that ordeal, I accidentally discovered that I could grab the corner of ANY take and fully extend it from beginning to end.

Anyway, I appreciate your help with this. There is one other aspect of the situation that I could use some additional help with. I have 1714 bars of recording, but only 12 bars of looped accompaniment. Is there a similarly simple way to repeat that 12-bar loop 143 times? I don’t know if I have that much copyandpaste energy in me.

Select the event, press CTRL + k, enter 143.

Yes. Audio Events always behave like a ‘window’ into an underlying Audio File. It is typically easiest to expand the first one because its left edge is already at the start of the Audio File. If you use an Event several takes later then you’d need to drag the left edge to the left to reveal the start of the Audio File. And while that is fine in concept if you want to drag the left edge 36 bars to the left and you are starting on bar 4 then you have to move the Event to make room to expand it towards the left. So it’s just less work to use the first Lane.

Thanks Johnny and Raino. Your solutions worked flawlessly. You’d think I’d know more about this stuff after using it for 30 years!