Is there a MIDI controller that works in Win 10/c9?

I ask, because I struggle and struggle and struggle with no success. I have had a few, and currently own 2 a Nektar P1 and a M Audio 25.
The M Audio 25 uses direct link which has not been updated since Cubase 6 and does not show up in Devices.
The Nektar P1 has an online manual like a rabbit warren, all bits and pieces, but not what I need. Writing to tech they say things like " While it is possible to use Panorama as you described, you will find that you cannot switch tracks from Panorama while Internal Mode is active (because the Track-/+ buttons are assignable in that mode) and some other things may not work as you would expect. " I also find a dodgy signal, sometimes there and sometimes not.

All I want to do is permanently assign several CCs to faders, and have the transport buttons working, be able to access quick controls through the controller.

I am thinking of buying a Nano Kontrol? Would this be better?


OK so after tech support the Nektar is returned to seller.

I HAVE now managed to get the Oxygen working, by the use of occult knowledge only known to a few.

What you may need to know is this

1] The Oxygen “Direct Link” installs its DLL into the wrong folder - cubase 5 components folder. From here you have to copy the dll file and paste it into the current version you have.
2] Don’t neglect the Auto button on the hardware! If this is on, then your edit button does not work, but other times you need it on. This is not explained in the manual.