Is there a modifier to temporarily disable Snap?

When I’m comping a part I want Snap on when adjusting the locators. But when I’m splitting parts I want snap off. So I’m constantly turning Snap on & off. Is there a modifier key that temporarily disables Snap (that I should have known about for years now, if I only had a brain)?

Hold down the ctrl key! It was added in 7.5, I think…

If I understand the question, letter “j” will do the trick.


Yes, try the j key.

If it’s not there you can build it from the top menu “Files/Key commands…”

You can also bind it to a MIDI controller (Key, MPC Pad, Button, etc.) using a Generic Remote Map if you like.

I.E. Here you can see where I’ve used a Generic Remote Control Map to bind my MPC Pad 14, which is set to broadcast midi note 13 over channel 1 from my AKAI MPK261 to toggle snap on and off.

Thanks Steve, good to know. Although in this specific case that doesn’t work. Ctrl using the Split tool works exactly like you say. But I’m using the Comp tool and holding alt to split the part, so I can quickly switch between splitting & selecting. Adding ctrl to this combo it turns into Slip Event with snap still engaged.

So that implies the answer is no, since ctrl would have been the answer.

That’s similar but a bit different in that it toggles snap on/off, so you’d have to hit j before and after the split rather than just holding a key while performing the split. I’m currently using j, and it’s the multiple toggling on & off I’m trying to avoid.

Yeah, this is a bit messed up. You’ll have to change the modifier key for slip for ctrl to work. (Prefs>Editing>Tool Modifiers>Select Tool) I changed mine to alt-shift, and that hasn’t conflicted with anything so far, for me.

Can you not build what you want on a new key/combo?

In the Key Commands editor, you should find every feature of the DAW listed, where keys or combos can be bound to them. If more than one combo can be bound per function…
Try adding the key combo you desire to all the functions you want it to invoke.

It should also allow building a macro (succession of commands bound to a key combo).

For more advanced operations that manipulate project parts or tracks, like automated cutting/moving/renaming/freezing/merging etc, try the Project Logic editor bound to a key (logical macro).

After re-reading your post Raino, the fact is, there’s no way to do it. The momentary toggle for snap overrides the alt-key momentary override for select/split.

The only way around it would be with an autokey script. Let me know if you want me to, I’d be happy put one together for you.

it looks like keypad-“j” works just fine to turn snap on/off

Conceptually that could work. Except there would need to be a Key Command to Split at Mouse Position which there isn’t, the closest we’ve got is Split at Cursor - relocating the cursor would be more of a pain than toggling snap. That’s why I was looking for a Modifier Key (which changes the behavior of a tool) rather than a Key Command/Macro (which executes a series of commands).

Yeah as soon as I saw ctrl wouldn’t work that became clear - but at least I’ll remember that ctrl in general suspends snap (I knew they had added something, but…). Interestingly the Comp Tool isn’t even listed under Tool Modifiers.

Thanks for the script offer. But I don’t comp all that often and installing the scripting software seems like overkill to solve one occasional irritant. However the devil on my other shoulder is thinking that having some better scripting capabilities than Cubase Macros provides could be useful. What are a couple of the most useful things you are using scripts for?

Let’s see-My Cubase script-

  • turns off Numlock when Cubase has focus and turns it on when Cubase doesn’t.

  • F3 fires a command that checks to see if the Mixer is open, or closed and brings it to the front if open, and opens it if it was closed (edit- and closes it id it was frontmost.)

  • I use it in combination with a CMC-TP to activate Listen on certain tracks- e.g., if I’m in the Score Editor, and I want to hear one instrument more then the others, I can activate Listen for that staff.

  • I made key bindings for F16 through F20 to other keystrokes to give a few more keyboard commands.

Some other stuff too, like window control, but Cubase has improved in this area so I don’t really need that anymore.

I get round it this way: make the cut with snap on, using Alt-Comp, then separately Ctrl-drag the split you just created with snap suspended. It’s much less of a pita than it might sound. Far from ideal but under the circumstances…