Is there a place for "legacy" software issues?

Hi everyone
I came here in search of information about issues I was having with old Steinberg software because I’d just turned to Windows 7 64bit and a few things weren’t working, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for me. The old cubase forum is now locked and several of the issues I’ve run up against in the last few months have been experienced by other users who have failed to find satisfactory solutions, or solutions that were so circuitous as not really to be solutions at all for the user who is not steeped in computer law. I appreciate that technical support cannot go on ad infinitum, but users should have a place to help each other out: This evening I was doing a clean install of The Grand 1 and upgrading to version 2 and it took me 2 hours of hunting until I found a straight forward fix that got past an intransigent synchrosoft error. I’m probably not the only person in the universe who has had this problem, not am I likely to be the last. Where can I pass on my discoveries for the benefit of those poor unfortunates?