Is there a PLE for "hide all except the currently visible tracks"

Hello, I would like to build visibility macros for “Library name” “Instruments” “Articulations”
I have all those tags properly set on the names of my tracks. Now I am looking to create a macro that show all tracks that contains a certain articulation in the track name, but hide the rest … except tracks that are already visible or except tracks that contains data

therefore if I hit the Button “Violins 1” THEN the button “Shorts” on my streamdeck, I can make cubase only show the tracks that contain both “violins 1” and “shorts”

I can’t find how to “show tracks with data between locators” without having everything else hiding aswell

For ex : I am cliking on “Violins 1” to show only Violins 1 tracks but with a “pre command” to show only track with data, that way I get tracks with data + all violins 1 tracks.
The problem is that I Then need a way to click on “legato” with a PLE preset that can show me only tracks with data + tracks with legato in the name (only amongs already visible tracks, so not all legato tracks in the template)

Hi, I may be missing something here, but since with your first command you show only “Violins1” with data, then in the next PLE you can query for names containing “legato”, select them if not hidden,and finally apply a “show only selected tracks”.

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does showing only selected tracks hide the tracks with data ?

is there something like a PLE with “show tracks with data between locators + selected tracks”

I’m trying to follow here :slight_smile:
Could you post a screenshot of a project window with some details, because reading your first initial post contradicted with what I’ve read after the edit.

now from the second screenshot, I want to keep the track with data visible + filter the violins that are not legato out

OK, so you want to keep ALL visible tracks with data independently of their name, and also keep all tracks that have the “Legato” in their names, independently of whether they have data or not?

Here’s a way:

  • Build a PLE (let’s call it A) to transform/rename all tracks with data and visible (property not-hidden not set), by pre-pending something like “~~~”

  • Build a second PLE (let’s call it B) to replace the “~~~” in all visible tracks

  • Build a third PLE (C) to select all tracks with their names containing “Legato” or “~~~”. In the Pre section of this PLE, add the first PLE (A). In the Post section, add a Visibility agent for showing only selected tracks, the second PLE (B) and optionally the command “Select None”.

Not tested, but executing the PLE (C) should work, the way I see it, if of course I understand correctly what you want to achieve and if my thinking on this is right, obviously :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for your help
But that doesn’t hide the visible tracks that do not have “legato in the name”

I think my explanation above is really adhd, I am going to summarize again :
I want to program 2 buttons on my stream deck, one to filter the instruments in my template by “instrument name” and the other to filter them by “articulation” since I use a single articulation per track template.

I want to click on those 2 buttons in a sequence : 1) First the button that filters by instrument 2) then the button that filters by articulation

For exemple if I click on “button 1=1st violin” then “button 2=legato”
The button 1 = hide all tracks but keep the violins 1 tracks (and also the tracks that contains data)
The button 2 = hide all violins 1 tracks that doesn’t contain legato (while still keeping visible the tracks that contain data).

Of course I could just make a PLE for every combination of “instrument x articulation” while still using my 2 buttons to make the navigation appears a bit more ergonomic but if PLE can help me avoid that , it would be good

Or worst case scenario I could forget the whole “keeping tracks with data visible all the time” idea, and just choose the right instrument first, enable it, audition it etc. and once I know that I want to use this track, I can create a midi event and then hit “show only track with data” again.

I almost got the right PLE preset, but there is something wrong with the “position”. It just shows all tracks with data even if the event is outside of the locators

This is the end result I am excepting

OK, if I understand correctly, here’s the first PLE for showing only Violins 1 which at the same time contain events in the cycle:

The second one for Legato can be done like this:

I set up a large quantity of PLEs
and Macros for track visibility
I have PLEs that select the woodwinds with the strings
the brass with the strings etc…
and then PLEs for the shorts, the longs, the legatos, the FX and the Keyswitchs

Maybe we should simply create a PLE that shows the Shorts and the Legatos at the same time
It would be easier
So first select the instruments you want to see and then the PLE of Shorts and Legatos
I then created this macro #097 to
locator selection and play solo tracks


I just tested it works
to select instruments and show shorts and legatos

There was a small error in my macro
to read the selection

in English it’s better

@m.c I could find the solution especially with your second PLE (legato) with a few tweaks THANKS !!

@Freudon I am french too but in english it’s better to understand because I use cubase in english. I already stumbled across some of your messages in the forum and was quite impress with your setup, although it looks a bit complicated for me at the moment. You are using touchosc or openstagecontrol ?

All tracks enable

Selection Woods and Brass

Selection Short and Legato

Selection range

Locator to Selection

I wanted to make an animated gif but the file was too big

I put the plugin on the screen so we can see it
It’s neither Touch OSC nor Openstagecontrol
This is the 14BitMIDI Sherlock Plugin created by Karol Obara
and I use a 24 inch touch screen
and I admit that I have been a Geek about PLEs and macros since I got this Plugin.
Karol is working on the next version but it’s very long

If you are interested I have created 2 videos for now with what can be done
with this Plugin

Cubase under your fingers

@Freudon Thanks I’ll check this later !

I got everything working (more or less)
Still some little weird things happening here and there

For exemple, when I show “Cellis” then “any articulation”, I have some tracks that don’t get filter out. For ex as you can see “the Strings - ARK 2 - Flageolet Glissandi” or the “Horror Cello SFX” don’t get hidden even tho they don’t contain the word “Pizz”

after further testing, it seems that the problem is in the second post-process command “show selected”, it don’t work as expected on those tracks

most things works fine tho

edit : solved by creating my own PLE for hiding tracks that are not selected (instead of using cubase default PLE)

from what I see you first select the visible tracks and choose the names to deselect.
I have never used the deselect function

In the example to select Violins 1

I first have a macro (240) in post processing
who hides everything

and in the PLE I choose the tracks which must be visible

and then we can select the shorts and the legs