Is there a possibility to deactivate zoom function?

I have a nasty problem and don’t find a solution in the key command settings:

With an Apple mouse holding command and stroking with one finger let me zoom in and out the score. Unfortunately command + click is necessary for selecting multiple objects. Far too often I zoom in and out instead of select what I want.
Is there a possibility to deactivate the zoom function com+stroke?
Thx in advance!

I can’t add much but empathy … totally feel your pain.

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is this a unique feature of Apple mouses?
is there any possibility of using a non-Apple product for your mouse?

(sorry, I’m on a Windows PC. I use a Kensington trackball and haven’t had any problems. I don’t know if that’s an option for Apple users.)

I’m on Mac and have a Magic Trackpad. To zoom it, I have to scroll up (two fingers to the top of the trackpad) while pressing ctrl. I certainly don’t know where that zoom comes from. In any case, I can deactivate it in my Mac Preferences>Trackpad (as shown in the picture)

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Command (⌘) scroll is different: It zooms the current app’s display, rather than the entire screen. It was one of the first things I discovered in Dorico. On a trackpad scrolling is 2 fingers and on the Magic Mouse it’s 1 finger. Check the available System Prefs for it. I would do it, but I don’t have such a mouse handy.

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With Magic mouse you can do several things by touching and stroking the surface of it. One finger stroking is scrolling, two fingers let me e.g. turn pages. Three fingers is something different etc. You can choose the behaviour of your mouse quite freely.
But: There is NO possibility to turn off cmd-one finger stroke because Apple itself doesn’t use this short cut (or short stroke?) in Mac OS.
But in Dorico cmd-one finger stroke is zooming in or out. And thats far too close to multiple select cmd-left click. This behaviour is frustrating since I am using Dorico (and I was a quite early adoper …). And you know (also @Michel_Edward ): I don’t want to buy another mouse. There should be a possibility to switch off this short cut/stroke in Dorico. But perhaps I am blind and just can’t find it in preferences – key commands …

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Thx! Unfortunately I don’t find anything in system preferences (Mac and Dorico) to switch off cmd-1 finger.