Is there a preference for object selections to automatically cycle?

I’m coming from Protools and I seee there is Locator to Selection key command in Nuendo but I can’t find an option that if I select an object with the pointer it automatically sets up the locators around the object.

Am I missing something. I want to just click on the object and it cycles around it (without hitting a key).

Anyone any ideas?

and also is there an option when the object is selected it starts playing from the start, seems even with the key command Locator to Selection the cursor stays where it is and doesn’t automatically move the the left locator to play from the start…

Locators to Selection” default keystroke is “P”

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It’s a little roundabout, but: Preference “Editing - Cycle Follows Range Selection”, will allow you to double-click on an event with the range tool and have the Locators follow the selection. It’s not faster than using the Object selection tool [1] and then tapping [P], at least for me.

There’s “Play from Selection Start”, and “Play Selection Range” which is Alt+Space by default in Cubase. Those key commands are under the Transport category.

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Ah ok didn’t realise if u double click with range it pops the cycle markers around it… kinda helps, shame that keystrokes are required for extremely basic operation which slows everything way down

thanks ggmanestraki…

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Well if you leave Cycle turned on, you only have to hit play…