Is there a preference to automatically uncheck Copy Protect

I wonder if there is a preference somewhere to make the norm for the copy protect and pre emphasis both Unchecked? Or if not is there a way to uncheck them all at once?

Chas Ferry

The way I handle this is that I have a few temples that audio montages are from depending on the task and in all these templates, those options are disabled.

I don’t know of a global setting for this.

Pre Emphasis is off by default.

Could I ask why you need to uncheck ‘copy protection’? Apart from the obvious that it no longer serves much of a practical purpose.

Hi Paul,
I uncheck it because I don’t want to have a disaster some day where a 5000 run CD I mastered has a problem because the copy protect button was checked. I know it’s not supposed to be relevant any more and not supposed to have any bad effects, but why take chances.

Thank you. Fair enough. I guess I was thinking if it’s in spec/conformity (ie Red Book) checked or unchecked should make no difference.