Is there a preference?

Hi :stuck_out_tongue:

Soooo i have been cutting up and resizing audio in Cubase 6.0.whatever cant even rember what version i have think its .5 :laughing:
if i get hold of a piece of audio to resize it the piece of audio doesnt move its just a trasparent line then when i let go the audio will move to where the line was…This is all good and fine i can use it this way…But depending how im zoomed in it sometimes is slowing me down or ends up where i didnt want it :astonished: …It was the audio that moved in my sx3 but its always done this in 6.

is their a preference to change it so the audio moves instead OR to make the line darker…sorry for being lazzy and not looking myself but i just finnished and turned off for the day and cant be assed to go looking around for it… :laughing:

i would much preffer to just be able to go in their tomorrow and set it and carry on working.

Thanks in advance

Look at whatever tool icons you use (look at them on the toolbar at the top of the Project page). Click on the litle black triangle on the right bottom corner and you’ll see the options for that tool “resizing applies timestretch” etc.

Ok cheers Conman i’ll have a look tomorrow.