Is there a preferred USB audio interface for Cubase 6?

I’m a newbie to the forum and I’ve searched with limited result, so I decided to take a shortcut and just ask:

Is there a preferred or recommended interface for use with Cubase?

I had an Aardvark 24/96 PCI card as my audio interface and a Steinberg Midex8 as midi interface when I was running Cubase Studio 4 on a Windows XP OS.

Now I will be using Windows 7 64 bit, and am researching USB 2.0 audio interfaces. I am a “one man band” most of the time, just recording myself on multiple instruments and multiple tracks, one track at a time.

Have you experienced Cubase users found that there is a favored or recommended USB audio interface that works best with Cubase?

Many thanks for your patience with a newbie.

If you want the best latency in a USB interface, then you can’t go wrong with RME. Sounds like the Babyface would be ideal for your needs:

Yes, I know. It ain’t cheap, but they sell super reliable products no matter which DAW you use. Other products may be good, but will probably not give you the same audio quality, solid drivers, and low latency in a single product as any of the RME USB audio interfaces do.

Hi Glenn,

Don’t forget to check out our Steinberg USB advanced integration interfaces, they come in all prices and flavors:

I don’t see how a 10-in, 12-out interface would be ideal for the OP.

Many 2-channel USB devices can be used. The Steinberg ones are nice and offer good integration obviously with Cubase, and you also get a control device. Set your budget, and make a list of what you want and don’t need in an interface and it will be a bit easier to chose…


I think, there is one very important patrameter to you, which is lazency of system, which depends on the ASIO driver.

Of course, there are other parameters, like convertors quality, stability (!!!), etc. I can recommend RME products too. BabyFace is great one! Or you can choose UCX, UFX, which are both USB and FireWire. Or UC, which is USB to.

During my testing (on Mac), RME provide the most save using (great stability) and the fastest driver (lowest latency).

Yes, ASIO driver is essential, converters come in different flavors, but I can’t see any RME product to suit someone who records ONE track at a time (Unless you want 35 or 59 channels left unused but dearly paid for).

Again, set your budget, then decide your needs: ASIO driver, number of channels, sample and bit rates, control surface functions, MIDI I/O, direct monitoring options (separate headphone mix), etc. etc. Don’t buy a 60-channel interface because the converters are so good.


I can only tell you that you won’t be happy with maudio Fast track Pro usb, had it and had so many issues with dropouts crashes and stuff.

A friend of mine is uses the emu 404 and is quite happy with it.

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For the full 10 in/12 out, the OP would need to buy a preamp since the BabyFace only comes with two. So, yes, I think this is be the perfect USB interface for someone recording a max of two channels at a time. Please, name me a USB audio interface in the same range as the Babyface, with ultra-low latency performance, the most stable drivers in the industry, upgrade-ability and portability, converters that rival top-end gear, two headphone inputs (with separate converters), Total Mix routing capabilities and high-quality DSP effects, Hi-Z input, MIDI Input, dual platform (Mac & PC), etc. You won’t, I promise :wink:

The price is on the high-end for its class, BUT not so high considering all the stuff you get since the BabyFace does rival (or beats out of the water) some of the more expensive audio interfaces on the market (and especially the Apogee Duet). Other good things about RME products is longevity, awesome support, and they maintain their value. I got my Fireface 400 in 2007 for $1,100 USD at Guitar Center. Go to GC now and check the price (it’s now $1,299 USD after 5 years!!!). Yeah…they are expensive, but they’re all you’ll ever need. The “buy cheaper now, upgrade later” is a policy that doesn’t make sense to me. YMMV.


To the philosophy buy cheap and buy more often.

Just got now the rme hspd 9632 for 333€ and fascinated about how stable my cubase runs how much more cleaner music sounds now.

Greetz Bassbase

I’m not advocating that policy, nor am I questioning RME’s quality. I’m just saying the OP should look around for features he needs, for a budget he can spend. I personally have no interest in any USB audio interface, so it’s all the same to me.


I apologize if it came out like I was saying you were advocating anything, cause you weren’t. I simply mentioned that because that’s what sometimes a lot of people do, myself included, and it is just not worth the total amount of money you end up spending in the long run. I don’t pretend to know what the OP wants or can afford. I simply recommended the one interface that I believed would be ideal for him based on features and stability with Cubase in a USB format.

Sure, there are plenty USB interfaces that would do a good job. But, IMO, the BabyFace beats them all out of the water, except for the more expensive USB interfaces offered by RME. My biggest grip here is stability in a USB format, and no other company has been able to surpass RME in this area. The OP can get whatever he wants, I’m simply giving him my best advice (and I’m sure you are too).

Take care!

No apology needed, mate - and you’re right, if the purse allows, getting it right the first time is best. Time to hear from the OP, methinks :sunglasses:

Cool man! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wonder where he went…lol.

He went to the shop for sure.
And now too busy with makeing music :wink:

I want to thank each of you for your input. I am absorbing it all now! I can say now, however, RME and Lynx are not in my budget, at least at the present time :frowning:


If you could give us a budget we might be able to give you hints in your budget range …

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